How Sleep Affects Your Oral Health

Do you ever wish you could get more sleep? Have you heard that getting enough sleep can actually improve your brain power, balance your hormones, and help you prevent chronic diseases? Still, would you be surprised to learn that the amount of sleep you get could impact your oral health? You’ve probably heard that you… Read more »

Tooth Loss Resulting from Dental Avulsion Can Sometimes be Remedied by a Bridge Restoration

Suffering an extreme blow to the face can sometimes cause significant damage to a tooth. If you suffer a dental avulsion where the tooth is knocked out of the socket or fractured off at the gumline, the trauma can be severe. In many of these cases, the tooth and socket are so badly damaged that… Read more »

Toothbrush Guidelines 101

Do you keep your teeth healthy by brushing the recommended amount of at least twice daily? Do you make sure to care for your toothbrush as much as you care for your teeth? Many times, people neglect their toothbrushes even though it’s what they rely on most to keep their teeth clean. For a clean… Read more »

The Facts About Tooth Extractions and Root Canals

Did you know that ignoring a cavity could lead to damage in the center of your tooth? If this happens, there are only a few options you can consider, including tooth extraction or root canal therapy. Generally, we recommend saving your natural tooth whenever possible, but there are benefits to both procedures. Our team recommends… Read more »

Basic Information to Help Prevent Some Common Oral Injuries

Dental emergencies and oral injuries can happen to your mouth, just like any other part of your body. When they occur, the ramifications of treatment can sometimes be invasive and expensive. To help prevent them from happening, your dentist, Dr. , recommends these basic lifestyle modifications. You should actively work on breaking bad habits like… Read more »

Gum and Oral Health

Did you know that chewing gum is actually great for your oral health? While that may not seem like a true statement at first, it actually is. There are a ton of benefits that come from chewing gum, and that’s why our team here at in , , recommends you chew gum on a regular… Read more »

A Severely Fractured Tooth Might Need to Be Replaced by a Bridge

As hard as your tooth enamel is, there are still times when a hard blow to the face or other oral trauma can carry so much force that it fractures a tooth. This is even more likely to happen if you participate in athletics without wearing a mouthguard. In an extreme case, the damage could… Read more »

First Aid For a Cracked Tooth

Your tooth enamel is made up of a densely packed structure of microscopic mineral crystals. This is what makes your teeth hard enough to bite off and chew tough foods. As strong as your teeth are there are times when a blow to the face, or other accident, can carry enough sharp force to crack… Read more »

A Lip Injury Can Be a Serious Oral Emergency that Requires First Aid

Accidentally nipping your lip when you’re eating or chewing gum is rarely cause for concern. Unfortunately, there are other times when an accident or blow to the face can actually cause a serious lip injury that requires first aid. Dr. offers a few essential first aid tips to keep in mind to help assess the… Read more »

When You May Need Crowns

Chips, stains, visible dental work and other imperfections on the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling awkward in social situations. If you have multiple teeth with imperfections, you might be interested in having the faces of your teeth restored with dental veneers. Of course not all teeth are perfect candidates for dental veneers…. Read more »